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Certified Dog Training, Doggie Daycare, Dog Walking, and Dog Behavior Management

At Orange County Pet Care, we welcome your pet into our family as if it was our own. We provide the best available service in the area with a dedicated, dog-loving team.

OC Pet Care Team Staff

Our Pack Is Our Family

OC Pet Care was founded in 2012 by owner Jillian Schutt, with the vision of creating a fun, safe, and all inclusive company to meet every pet and owners needs. By combining six years of applied behavioral analysis in her previous job along with her love for dogs she has successfully created a well known and trusted brand. She is passionate about teaching each client how to properly communicate with their dogs using behavior modification and positive reinforcement to ultimately change dogs lives for the better. As leader of the pack, she takes pride in training every one of the employees to ensure your dogs are safe, loved, and having the best day ever! 


OC Pet Care prides itself on being the complete package when it comes to all things your canine companion needs. We are committed to providing individualized care for all of our clients for any situation you can think of. Whether you sign up for a training session with Jillian, a full day adventure or pack walk, or overnight boarding, you can trust that your dog will be happy, safe and better behaved.

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Dog Training

We work closely with you and your dog to create individualized training programs for a variety of behavioral issues. Using positive reinforcement and behavioral analysis, we get to the root cause of the problem and guide you through the process of fixing it.

Pack Walks

Our 1 Hour pack walks offer your dog a chance to exercise, socialize and practice good walking habits with our professionally trained dog-walkers.

Doggie Daycare Adventures

We offer half and full day doggie daycare adventures where your dog will get picked up and taken out in the community for pack walks and hikes all over scenic Orange County coastline communities. Your dog will get exercised and socialized in a safe and stress-free environment and will come home happy and tired.

Overnight Boarding

If you’re heading away from home let your pup stay in ours. Your dog will love the close personal interaction throughout their stay as well as the shady play area and comfortable beds.

Dog Grooming

If your dog has had a long week of pack walks and adventures we offer bath days where we will shuttle your dog to and from the groomer during our regular doggie daycare schedule. Your dog will come home clean and fresh and ready for the weekend.

Let Our Clients Bark for Us

We love our clients and as far as we can tell, they love us too. Read what they’re saying about OCPC.

If you want your dog to have the best experience while being cared for in a nurturing manner, then OC Pet Care is the place for you. Whenever I travel or just need a great mom for my doodle, I text Jillian and she comes through for me.

Jillian takes the dogs hiking, to the beach, or park every day. They always have a great time and get lots of exercise. I’m confident Jillian truly loves our dog and cares for her as if she were her own.

My only concern is that my dog loves going to OC Pet Care so much that she may prefer it to home.

Gregg Feinerman, M.D.

I’ve been using Orange County Pet Care for the past 3 years at least 4 times per week. I use The services for overnights, daycare, and training. It’s obvious how much Jillian cares about all the dogs when she is working with them, and it’s even more obvious how much the dogs love her.

My dog gets sooooo excited to see her every morning and it makes me feel so good because I can spend my day at work knowing my dog is out having fun and being taken care of. I’m a dentist in Newport Beach and my work hours are very long. I am not the type to leave my dog at home all day while I’m out.

Jillian makes it so easy for me by picking up my dog, Napoleon, at my office every morning and I never worry about him when he’s with her! She also sends me photos of my dog on hikes and shares his daily activities with me. My dog also has a lot of dietary restrictions and “rules” and she really is good at following all of my instructions.

I am so thankful for Jillian! I don’t know what I would do without her.

Dr. Desiree Yazdan, DDS

BEST DOG CARE IN Orange County… 1000% worth it.

Harry absolutely loves hanging with his pack and I doubt he would be as cool of a dog if were not for OC Pet Care. Jillian basically takes care of everything… training, exercise, extra love and care (even baths and hair cuts).

The best part is I can follow Harry through out the day via instagram!

Lynn Pyle, Founder

Orange County Pet Care Pack Dogs

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